From a cyclist who used his sport to help him grieve to a somatic therapist and coach dedicated to helping people unlock unhelpful emotions, Movement and the Search for Meaning is a series of emotive films that explore why we move, and the profound impact of movement on our psychological health.

Collectively, the three films that make up the series explore why we move – the intrinsic motivations that drive some, the experiences of grief that drives others, and the sense of connection to our bodies and emotions that movement can create in everyone.

“Cycling was my tool to grieve.”

Dhiren Shingadia

Play "The thing that keeps me searching is deeper."
Play "A deeper understanding is found through literal movement."
Play "In the water there's just peace."

Movement and the Search for Meaning: Dhiren Shingadia

👉 Cotswold International Film Festival Award Winner.
👉 Bicycle Film Festival Official Selection.
👉 Official Selection Kendal Mountain Festival 2021.

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