Feeling buzzed? The idea of a runner’s high has been around for decades. That feeling of euphoria results from the release of endocannabinoids – the body’s own version of THC and CBD. Still, watching the ‘world famous mascot mile’ may just make your head spin.

1 night. 32 teams. 4 events. This track night at Battersea Park was organised by R.A.D – a brand that transcends training. The atmosphere was electric as hundreds gathered to watch runners compete on the track. One person from each team took part in the 800m, 3200m, or Mascot Mile. And all team members participated in the relay.

R.A.D provided their community with the opportunity to experience the thrill of competition, while hosting a night of good vibes and excitement for everyone involved.

In a world of performance brands, it’s the energy of RAD that stands out. Last year, we sat down with Benjamin Massey, the founder and creator of R.A.D to chat about CrossFit, shoes and culture.


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